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North Bank In Spokane Is A HUGE Real Estate Opportunity In Washington State

Spokane, Washington is experiencing a lot of development in a particular area of town known as North Bank. Located just north of downtown and across the Monroe Street Bridge on the east side of Monroe Street, this area is seeing the construction of several new buildings and developments. The Podium Sports Complex is already operating, while the Downtown Stadium is currently being built. The Falls Towers, a large development featuring condos, is also under construction. The Papillon Building has filed its permits and it looks like a second structure will be built next to the brick one currently there.

In addition to these new buildings, there are also several amenities in the area. The Spokane Arena is nearby, as is the Great Floods Park for kids. There are also restaurants and shopping in the area. This makes North Bank a great place to live or visit, as there is always something to do and see.

One of the most exciting aspects of North Bank is the fact that it is walking distance to downtown Spokane. This means that residents and visitors can easily access all that the city has to offer, including dining, shopping, and entertainment options. It is also convenient to other destinations, such as the arena and podium, which draw visitors from out of town.

For those interested in real estate, this area presents a unique opportunity for rental properties. It is in high demand due to its proximity to downtown and popular attractions, making it a great choice for short-term rentals or even long-term rentals. Brian Johnson, a real estate broker with Windermere, suggests that this is a fantastic opportunity for real estate investment, as it is an area that is highly sought after.

If you are interested in learning more about the real estate opportunities in North Bank, or have any other real estate questions, you can reach out to Brian Johnson at any time. He is happy to chat about real estate and keep you updated on what is going on in the market. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest developments in Spokane, Washington. With so much going on in North Bank, now is a great time to invest in real estate or simply visit and enjoy all that the area has to offer.